Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Giants Who Do the Tricks

Last night I told Claudia she had a "real treat" coming her way.
I pulled her off of camel/donkey/horse thing and put her in the car.
She relentlessly (and understandably) asked for candy for the next 20 minutes.
We picked up Daddy and went to the Budapest sport arena for the "treat".
After overcoming the initial disappointment that the treat was not candy...
or hamburger buns or fireworks, she warmed up to the idea of watching ...
the Harlem Globetrotters!
It was a night of American entertainment!
And Hungarian confusion!
The local crowd cheered relentlessly for the Generals,
while the Globetrotters shouted out chants and jokes that fell on deaf ears.
Here's our family pic.
At last... we're not sweating or smelly! Nevertheless, it's a blurry self pic.
I would have asked the gentleman behind me to take the pic, but...
... he was real busy filming a bootleg video of the game. Look!
Here's Claudia eating her dinner: a bag of paprika flavored chips.
There were no hotdogs or burgers at the arena;
luckily they had cucumber and mayonnaise sandwiches!
Just as delicious.
This night was all about Daddy and Claudia having some fun together.
There were lots of hugs... lots of cheering...
and lots of questions about
"the giants who do the tricks."
We couldn't leave without some official (read overpriced) Globetrotter gear.
It was a great and late night for Bop.


  1. Precious!!!! Love the overpriced wrist and headband!!

  2. So fun! We considered going and then forgot about it. I bet much of the crowd did miss the humor...

  3. Love that Bop got souvenirs! That smile is worth a million dollars!!! Too cute!

  4. oh, my!!! i don't think i've ever noticed the full effect of her sweet sweet curls!!! I LOVE THEM!! she is SO adorable!! and really, i'm kinda jealous...y'all always look like you're having SO much fun!!! I'm sure I'm one of many who lives vicariously through you and your adventures!!! keep 'em coming!


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