Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Splish Splash Szechenyi Baths!

The alternate title to this post could have been "Bathing at Ikea" (because Claudia referred to Szechenyi as "Ikea"), but I didn't want to freak anyone out. Thermal baths are really big in Budapest. There's about two-dozen here, but we've only visited one... the Szechenyi Baths in City Park. I passed by it a dozen times and always assumed it was a museum. Claudia's not huge on museums, so I paid it no mind. Upon learning that it is not a museum, but rather a network of swimming pools, we ventured inside.

See, look... looks like a museum.
But then you walk in and...
... swimming pools! Lots of them!
Hot ones, cold ones, giant baby pools, lap pools!
We stuck with this one. It was nice and warm.
See that circle? It's a moving wave pool that spins people around the circle.
I need to go back and video tape it.
I don't know why I still say "video tape."
I also call my DVD player "the VCR" and play "tapes" in my car.
Claudia had so much fun. So much fun.
The waters are enriched with minerals, so maybe we got some health benefits out of the visit.
They have races in the lap pool... check out the stadium seating for spectators!
Last shot before we left. It's one of the lobbies.
Pretty fancy for a swimming pool. =)


  1. That place has nothing on Southside! :)

  2. That.Is.Awesome!!!! Those pools look AMAZING...I would be there everyday in the summer with the girls!! Love CC's swimsuit...Savanah and Claire both have that one :) one pink and one yellow

  3. That's so neat Meryl! If we get to visit I definitely want to go there! I laughed about the tapes and VCR's. I do the same thing. CC looks so cute! Give her a kiss for me.

  4. VCR. Bwwwaahaahahahaha! I'm glad I'm not the only one. I'm now afraid that we are going to be those 'mom's' to our kids, like my mom saying someone is on 'dope.'


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