Friday, January 21, 2011

Visiting Memaw & Hugging Fire Hydrants

Claudia on plane watching duty in the street.
Caught one.
I only hope she's this excited next week when she gets on a plane for 11+ hours.
My plane anxiety is kicking in already.
I miss Russell so badly & I can't wait to get back home...
but I am bad scared about flying overseas with just me and Bop.
Real scared.
Gram helping Claudia position all her bath toys on her car.
The bath toys go everywhere these days.
There's about a dozen little boys who play on G&G's street.
Claudia desparately wants to play too.
She'll tear off into the street screaming "boys! booooys!"
They don't know what to think.  
Here she is about to sneak over to where they're playing. 
She stole their baseball.
We made her give it back.
She had no choice but to befriend the neighborhood fire hydrant.
We've got to get this girl back to her Budapest buddies.
We made a trip to Shreveport to spend some more time with Memaw.
Claudia and Memaw at the piano.
Memaw encouraged me to play the piano as a kid,
and I'm so glad she does the same with Bop.
Claudia  is committed to the music.
... the music... and the toy donut on her finger.
While in Shreveport we had a great visit with Avery and Molly.
I don't think there is a child more photogenic than Molly.  
She looks just like her beautiful mama.
Molly and Claudia had a great time playing... until it was time to go.
Claudia had a pretty nasty meltdown after I took this pic.
I think we in the terrible two death spiral.
I was so excited to finally meet sweet Boston Grace while in Shreveport.
Baby Boston is 4 months old... and could not be sweeter.
Boston will soon be a Houstonian... can't wait to see him sporting some boots!
This post is just a little hodge podge of pictures from this week.  We are wrapping up our ChrisThis post is just a little hodge podge of pictures from this week.  We are wrapping up our Christmas trip and are getting all set to return to Budapest.   Claudia and I will definitely miss everyone when we leave, but we are ready to get home and sleep in our own beds.  And we desparately miss Russell.  I just hope the flight goes smoothly.  My palms go all clammy just thinking about it!

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