Friday, January 14, 2011

Someone in Texas Loves You

Right now there is a sweet, dear daddyboy named Russell (aka, Pants, Ruh, Q) who is toiling away in Budapest, working all sorts of wild hours and coming home to a sad, empty, Claudia & Meryl-less house.   He's been doing this for two weeks and has several more weeks ago until things let up.  In an effort to make him smile, I'm posting these pictures from Christmas in Texas.  I'm also sending my words of encouragement... Russell, you are the best & we can't wait to see you.  

PS:  Russell, if you can, please scoop Winnie's poop here and there & let the clothes dryer pee every so often. =)

PPS:  Everyone reading, in case you'd like in on the last part... our glorious clothes dryer sucks & spins the water out of the clothes and has to be drained after every cycle.  If it doesn't get drained, it will overheat and explode.  Really!  God bless European appliances!


  1. we miss you guys, too! come back soon!!

  2. Those sweet pictures made me smile. Love her coat! May you all be reunited soon.

  3. and let the record show -- he has an open invitation to our home for dinner anytime.

    I bet he can't wait to see you guys! Just a few more days...

  4. Thanks, guys! Thanks Stanteens y'all for thinking of Russell!


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