Sunday, January 30, 2011

Aloha! Szia!

My cousin Michele and her boyfriend Matt have moved to Hawaii.
We officially live on the other side of the world from each other.
I wonder how long that flight would be.
Aunt Debbie had a going-away luau.
Claudia liked (wearing) the decorations.
While in Texas... Claudia's hair turns into tight little ringlets.
Since returning to Budapest, it lays as close to flat as it can.
It's still pretty fluffy. We call it "wild & wispy."
Claudia and her party favor - a necklace she swiped from Aunt Debbie.
I tried to get a pic of CC with Staci,
but Claudia was more interested with Staci's cupcake tray.
The thing Claudia & I missed most about home (besides Russell),
sleeping in our own beds!
Can you spot Claudia in this pic?
There she is!

Fun fact... "aloha" and "szia" mean "hello" and "goodbye" in Hawaiian and Hungarian, respectively. After we celebrated Michele leaving for Hawaii, Claudia and I finally returned to Budapest! In one piece! With all our luggage! And sanity intact! You may have gathered from the previous posts that I was feeling very nervous about flying overseas with just me and Claudia. In the BC period (before Claudia), I loved airports because I could people watch, read magazines and relax on the plane. These days I'm lucky if Claudia is the only one crying at the airport. The Frankfurt airport is my own personal hell: my baby has been patted down & searched here and one really special day I had to remove Winston from his cat carrier while they scanned and patted him down as well. But THIS trip went GREAT! Claudia didn't fuss, didn't cry. Not a single tear was shed. She was amazing. Guardian angels followed us the whole way. We are so glad to be home! We had a fun weekend & I'm about to post some pictures of some of our adventures. But for now... Szia from Hungary!!

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  1. Sooooo glad y'all made it back uneventfully!! I can absolutely relate to the sleeping in your own bed part.
    As for the hair pulling saga, you'll have to check out Aug/Sept '09 in my archives.


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