Sunday, January 16, 2011

Max & Claudia... Chivalry Starts at Two

Claudia could spend all day in a swing.
She screams when we taker her out.
I worry that its because we let her sleep in her papasan
craddle swing from the age of 3 monthes to 9 months.  
Not joking... it's the only way we could get her to sleep.
This picture was taken shortly before we took her out.
I'm not posting any of the screaming swing removal pictures.
I'll let you use your imagination.
Chivalry is not dead!  Here's Max treating Claudia to a wagon ride.
Claudia thoroughly enjoyed her ride.  
And her new jeggings.  
I'm sad to report that Claudia got her first pair of jegs before I did.
Her Gram got them for her.
I'm really behind.  
Look at that attention!
Really, he turned to check on her every few seconds.
Sweet, sweet Max
I truly believe that chivalry is something engrained in men from the time they are little boys.  These pictures are proof.  This weekend we were treated to a visit from the Oggs.   Our dear sweet little Max just turned two and he is really shaping up to be a true gentleman.  He insisted on pulling Claudia in the wagon (even up a sizeable hill), with no assistance.   He is so sweet to Claudia and she definitely enjoyed all the attention.  Back to the chilvary thing... I also believe that behind every good man (and little man), there is a good mom who taught him manners.  So, Liz, well done.   =)  


  1. Great post!! Chivalry is NOT dead and thank goodness for that! Love that Claudia loves the swing so much!!! (It's good for their ears--little know therapist fact!).

  2. Great job on the pictures, honey! The first two are some of the best you've ever taken... pure exhilaration, digitally rendered.

  3. Love the swing pics! Adorable!


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