Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Communist Graveyard and Spring Things

A regime change typically ushers in a great opportunity for citizens to join together to destroy all the monuments dedicated to their former leaders or oppressors.  Here in Budapest, following the collapse of the Soviet Empire, all the Soviet era statues were rounded up, tucked away and then drug out to the middle of nowhere.  They are now on display at Memento Park, just outside the city.   My Hungarian friends call it the Communist Graveyard.  We have been curious about this place for years, so we ventured out for a peek.  

Some of the statues commemorate the Soviet liberation of Hungary.  The Soviets expelled the final Nazi soldiers from Hungary in 1945.  This nice lady holding the palm leaf honors that momentous occasion.  There are a few others like this still displayed inside the city too.
Other statues in the park fall into the propaganda category.  This one here is a communist worker charging into the future, with the Soviet flag in his fist.   
More propaganda.  Russell explains this one to Claudia:  the hands symbolize workers' hands holding a sphere (which used to have a red star on it), the sphere representing the proven ideals of communism.  

Claudia has asked about the meaning of "communism" and "socialism" before this.  To keep it simple, I give her example of the egg redistribution rule at her preschool's Easter egg hunt ... no matter how many or few eggs you get, they all get evenly redistributed in the end.   Boo!   
running with the Hungarian soliders
This one is a Hungarian and Soviet woman (and Claudia) uniting to release doves of peace in the air.  I suspect that after decades of Soviet occupation these "unity" statues became pretty annoying.   
Patrick was mostly interested in the broken down Trabant at the gate of the park.  The Trabant, a two-stroke, 26 horse powered marvel, was widely driven throughout the Eastern bloc during the Soviet era.  Our sweet, 90 year old next door neighbors still drive theirs around to this day.  
Enough of the Communist Graveyard, here's some nice spring happenings!

My sweet guy will do his best to wipe down the floors if you just give him a dust rag.  Spring cleaning... DONE!

The closest Patrick has come to voluntarily reading a book.  He ripped the front cover off one of his favorite board books.   =(   My busy little man just doesn't want to sit still long enough to hear more than a few pages.  So busy!

A little over a month ago it was cold and snowy... now its officially paddle pool weather.   Thank goodness spring came in a hurry!


  1. The communist graveyard looks like a cool place to visit and I love the Trabant! Glad you finally got your spring, your sunny pictures make me smile. :) I need a Patrick in my house to help me dust! He is so cute. And I would pay good money to have curls like Claudia!

  2. Love this post. We were just at that park the other day. Claudia's sunsuit is so cute, as is Paddy's blue gingham!

  3. your communist illustration with the egg hunt is magnificent :) love the pictures!

  4. for some reason i missed the class field trip to the statue park when i was there - sad i missed it...enjoyed your pictures!! :)

  5. Love these pictures! You will have such smart kiddos with all of the things you guys do and how great you explain things to them!!

  6. Looks like SO much fun!! You take such beautiful pictures! Now following :)

    xoxo Jamie


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