Tuesday, May 21, 2013


This week there were moody spells, teething woes, paci withdrawal fits and other maladies.... so not too many smiley face pictures.   Seeing pictures and videos of the tornado devastation in Texas and now in Oklahoma, it just doesn't seem appropriate to post a bunch of smiles at the moment anyhow.   The unpredictable and cruel nature of tornado damage brings tears to my eyes, but the resiliency of the victims and the responders truly replaces those tears with awe, respect and hope.  I am rooting for the recovery efforts in both states and holding my children extra tight today.  
Claudia, sometimes you just don't want to go to "school."   Being that its still preschool, I let you stay home when the mood strikes.  And we're all generally happy about that... you, me and especially Patrick.  This was one such day where you wanted to stay home, wear your ballet costume and entertain us with your guitar.
Patrick was quite tough this week. We started the week by quitting the paci cold turkey.  After a few days, you were doing great and had stopped looking in the usual "hiding places" for them.  Then, of course, came your very last four teeth... all at once.  =(  Thankfully, when those four little canines finally emerged, you will have a full set of 20 teeth!  Well done, little man!

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."  
Inspired by Jodi


  1. Such beautiful shots, you are so good at taking photos Meryl! Poor Patrick, but well done for getting a full set of teeth. No more teething for you!! Claudia is sooooo lovely. No wonder you like her to stay at home, I bet Patrick loves having her around! :)

  2. Full set of teeth! Wow, not looking forward to going through that. Love the pensive image of a beautiful ballerina and her guitar.


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