Monday, September 17, 2012

Greetings From "Pretty Mykonos"

All Claudia could say about Mykonos was "it's so.... so... so pretty!  Pretty Mykonos!"  I agree.  I myself was having quite a relaxing time... until I managed to eat some hummus with pine nuts and Russell had to repeatedly stab me in the leg with my epi pen so I wouldn't swell up and die. In pretty Mykonos. Thank goodness for Russell. You have saved my life again, my dear! Here's some pictures I took after recovering from the pine nut incident.
It's part of the city ordinances that your house must be white and your doors and shutters must be blue.   I am making this up, but suspect it is true.

The best way to see Mykonos is just to wander around.  It's not like those street signs are going to help you much.   So, I don't know what anything is... I just know it was all really pretty.  Pretty Mykonos!

Look, I found a red door!

Top right pic:  sweet old Greek man and his pet pelican. 
It's all white though.  An albino pelican, perhaps?

It was fun just to wander around the tiny cobbled streets.  Everything there is delivered via wagons hitched up to little scooters.  Nothing bigger will fit through the streets.

I think this might have been our favorite spot on the whole trip.

And it's all becase of that sweet albino pelican.  I named him Milky! 

Greetings from "Pretty Mykonos"!


  1. It is so so pretty! We are going in 2 years and debating on taking Olivia.

  2. Wow! An Epi pen on vacation. So scary! But beautiful pictures. Glad you recovered so quickly!

  3. Beautiful! We must get together soon so i can hear all about your trip!! Cant believe you had to use the epi pen - so scary!

  4. CC was right, so so so pretty! Makes me want to go NOW! Thanks for sharing and so glad you had that epi pen, scary!!!

  5. Gorgeous!!! Thr place and your cute family!

  6. Everything is so white and blue! I love it! How beautiful!! (sorry about the pine nut incident, :( ) Glad Russell saved your life...again!! :)

  7. Update: it has been reported (by my mom!) that the pelican's name is Petros (Greek for Peter) and he is the mascot of Mykonos. I think Milky would have been a very nice name too, though.


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