Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Paddy Boy is Seven Months!

Well, well, well!  Look who is SEVEN months old?  Seven months, plus ten days, actually. 
Anyone?  Anyone?

It's Patrick!
What has Paddy been up to?  Teething.  He has had two tiny chickletish teeth on the bottom for a few months and now he has three more coming in at once.  Two on top and another for the bottom.  Everyone is feeling the pain right now.  =(

Since Claudia has started preschool, Patrick has been looking for her all over the house.  He's always spinning his head around, peeking about the room.  I know he is looking for her.  Poor little guy misses his sister.  I do too!
Showing off his bottom chompers.  One of the new toofies is coming in right next to those two miniature marshmallows you see.   It has not been pleasant for little man, but he is so tough.  So brave.

Talents include:  sitting up.  eating solids with ease.  blowing bubbles.  military crawling (i.e., dragging limp legs behind him) and playing the drums.  He likes to slap and bang on anything and everything.   Hulk smash!!

Likes:   pulling glasses off peoples faces, hanging out with daddy, walks outside, a plush basketball toy, apricot baby food, the exersaucer, the smell of bacon (perks him right up out of a funk), baths, breakfast and dinner with sister.

Dislikes:  trimming of finger nails, car rides (still a mobile torture chamber), spinach baby food, the moment right after I take him out of the bath tub, socks & hats (this will make for an interesting winter), and diaper changes.

My favorite Paddy part.  I tickle these little guys all day long. 

My baby got a paper cut ON HIS LIP.   He managed to get a doctor's bill out of my hands and into his mouth, slicing up his upper lip.  Dining has not been pleasant ever since.  Ouch!

Happier days.  Pre-lip-paper-cut.

This is Paddy's little happy place... flying on the living room floor.  Weeeeee!!!
Happiest with Daddy, of course

Happy Seven Months, Paddy Boy!  You fill our days with laughs and smiles.


  1. Happy 7 months! That boy of yours certainly has personality!

  2. Oh my goodness he is just too cute for words!! Cannot wait to see that sweet boy again!! And miss CC of course, ;)!! How was vaca?? Lets Skype this week! I got on this morning on my way to work but you weren't on :(! Miss you!!

  3. The pic with his daddy made my heart melt. Love seeing those daddy's with their babies ;)


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