Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sleep Deprivation Silliness

I'm pleased to announce that, after seven and a half months, Patrick is sleeping through the night!  To mark this occassion, I'm sharing some of my finer moments with you.   For friends with new babies, I hope this gives you a laugh.  Maybe you have some funny, embarrassing stories of your own?  Surely you do!
And now that I'm rested, things are about to change.  I will no longer wear dirty shirts inside out (to get that extra wear out of a washing).   The house will no longer look like the set of Sanford and Son.   Claudia will not be showing up to school wearing two left shoes.  No, all that is about to change.   
And here's some funny Paddy pictures.  His squishy lovey made up for the lack of sleep in spades. 
Silliness:   I went to the grocery store, loaded up the cart, paid for the food, bagged it and then left it on the counter and drove home.  Didn't realize my mistake until it was time to cook dinner that night.  And I had no food.  
Silliness:   I came downstairs (early) in the morning, started doing dishes with the water running, got distracted, went upstairs, got in bed and went back to sleep.  Sadly, the water was still running.  I flooded my kitchen.  

Silliness:  I closed my purse straps in my car door with the purse hanging OUT of the car.  I drug my purse down the street before realizing what was happening. 

Silliness:  Russell was holding Patrick.  Patrick was crying.  I approached Russell with the pacifier and proceeded to gingerly coax the paci into RUSSELL'S mouth.  

Silliness:  I was taking Claudia to school.  I drove past her school and proceeded to take her to Ikea with me and Patrick.  When I got to Ikea, she told me I really forgot to stop at school.  I told her she really didn't want to go to school that day anyway.   

Silliness:  I was giving Paddy his first diaper change of the morning.   I snapped his onesie back up, forgetting he needed to have another diaper put back on.  The second diaper change of the morning followed shortly thereafter. 

Silliness:  This one actually comes from my friend, Thuy, who has a six month old, Sophie.   Thuy attempted to call the pediatrician to schedule Sophie's six month check up.  She actually dialed her hair salon.  As the salon receptionist spoke Hungarian and Thuy spoke English, they went round and round for about five minutes until Thuy realized she hadn't called the doctor's office, but instead had called A List Salon.  Too funny not to share.  Plus it made me feel much better about myself. 

The point of sharing all this "silliness" is that, while it doesn't seem silly in the least bit when it is happening, it certainly is silly afterwards.  And its worth remembering.   Some day silly things like this may not happen to me and I will miss all the daily silliness of life with my busy little baby.  So, thank you for keeping me on my toes, Paddy Boy.  I love you. 


  1. These are TOO FUNNY!! Thankfully Caroline has been a pretty good sleeper but in the first few weeks of her life there was some sleep deprivation going on...I woke up one morning to find a bunch of perfectly good bananas in my freezer, frozen solid. Totally didn't remember putting them there.

  2. Too funny! Emerson is sleeping through the night ALMOST every night and it has made the biggest difference. I still forget everything, but at least my house doesn't look like a tornado came through.

  3. Well, at least this go-round the general silliness is limited to my household endeavors. The first go-round I wore spit-up covered (or mismatched) suits to court, where I started pouring the counsel's water pitcher into my tiny styrofoam cup and continued chatting with a colleague while I kept pouring... and pouring... and pouring...


  4. Those are hilarious stories!!!! And that's a pretty cute face to help make the mistakes seem totally worth it!!!

  5. So funny! Love the forgotten groceries and the paci for Russell. Glad u are finally getting some sleep! And love the pics - so precious!!

  6. Wow! Thank you for sharing these stories. Hilarious!

  7. I am DYING laughing!! I LOVE those stories!!! All moms can appreciate all of those!!! thankfully, I haven't flooded my kitchen yet though!

  8. Sorry I didn't comment sooner, but I sent this post on to Jason at work so he could enjoy a good chuckle...seriously this had us rolling!! Glad to know we have similar stories--oh the joys of parenthood :-)


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