Monday, September 10, 2012

Beach Baby, Beach Baby!

We took the kids to the beach in Bari, Italy and Corfu, Greece.  Patrick's first beach experience involved white sands, blue green water and local Italians playing beach soccer.  Note, Claudia's first beach experience involved muddy brown water, some good old Galveston tar balls and a game called "Dodge the Jellyfish."   I have to say that, to a child, it makes no difference. 

Claudia enjoyed getting in the water, but not too far out.  From the water, she would scream out "get away from that!!" or "tha is MINE!" to any passerby who got too close to her beach pail, which she left on the shore.  Luckily, it appeared that none of the children, or adults, spoke English, as they would smile and wave at her.  

In Greece, we stayed at a private beach that also had a pool.  Shhh, this is wear we washed off all the sand and sunscreen when we were done at the beach. 
Here I am with Patrick and my pet monkey.


  1. This looks like a dream! I love that people probably didn't understand Claudia when she was telling them to stay away from her pail. Hilarious.

  2. The last picture is breathtaking! I love the monkey on your leg! Reminds me of my monkey too!

  3. Love the monkey comment. Looks like a great vacay!!!

  4. loving your blog.
    what wonderful experiences for you all!

    this last picture, that background, looks unreal.

    happy to have found your blog!


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