Thursday, August 23, 2012


A few months ago Claudia's afternoon nap just disappeared.   It was a sad, sad loss for us all.   But the other day, after a long morning of playing outside, Claudia called to me from the living room "I am having a rough day!  I need to lie down.   Get me some cake, please."   
I myself ate the last piece of cake and poured her a big glass of water.  That's what she really need after all.  And if she isn't napping, then I need the cake.  I came out of the kitchen and found this.

Cashed out!  Sometimes the nap reappears for visits.  I'm always glad to see nap!  I love nap.


  1. She is a just like a character in a kids book with her funny sayings. Love her ( and The Nap!).

  2. I love a nap too and CF seems to be trying to cut down to 1, but I really want to continue our current trend of two. I think she should listen to me, when she's my age she'll be begging for all of those missed naps! CC is so cute and I love that hair of hers!!!!

  3. Poor girl just had a "rough day..." That is too funny:).

  4. Hahaha! I love nap time too! :)She is too cute!


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