Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Compare and Contrast

I find myself comparing Paddy and Bop, noting how very different they are.  It's fun to look at Bop's old pics and Paddy's pic and see how very much alike they are!   Looks wise, at least!

They look similar, but personality wise, Paddy takes after Daddy (calm) & Bop is like me (busy).

They both made the same face when I took a pic of their first teeth.

Russell is presently looking over my shoulder and asked if I "recreated" the original (CC) pics.  Nope, I didn't!


  1. That is too neat. Same faces and have some serious cuties.

    Also, I meant to tell you this a while back...when I rented a tandem bike, they had one of those little bikes like Claudia was using (the one without the training wheels). I guess there coming to America!.

  2. So cute! That is amazing how similar they look!

  3. So cute!! They do look a like alike! (unlike my 2, lol)! So sweet!


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