Sunday, August 5, 2012

Happy Half Birthday, Paddy!


Are you really six months old already?  I can hardly believe it.  I love you, Patrick.  You are the happiest and sweetest little baby boy.   You wake up early with a smile on your face and you keep that smile on all day long. 

This past month you have been trying new things like eating solid foods and sitting up on your own!  You will eat just about anything (even green peas!), but your favorites are sweet potato and plum.  For your first feeding we took you out on a blanket in the front yard, in your diaper only, and gave you sweet potato.  You loved it! 

This is how you look when anyone smiles at you.  Angel!

We celebrated your half birthday with a cupcake and your family singing "Happy half birthday to you!"  You smashed your little hand into the icing, but Claudia and I did the honors of eating your cake.  Just you wait till you turn one!

We love you so much, sweet Patrick.  You are always happy, always smiling.  You love to be held and you love to give high fives.  Your favorite place to be is outside and we take you out often.  You are getting closer to sleeping through the night.  Just one night waking between 3 and 4.  You still love to chew your fingers and feet.  You have two teeth (the bottom two) and are working on a few more.  You are getting the hang of sitting up and you look so proud of yourself when you are upright.  I love you little man!

I just thought this one was funny.  You're going to have your father's personality, I suspect.


  1. I love him and his darling, jutting chin.

  2. Stop it! He can't be 6 months already! Some pics he looks just like Bop and others he is all his own man! So precious!

  3. Happy 6 months sweet Paddy!! Can't wait to see him again!!

  4. SO SO Adorable!!! that boy is SO happy!! I love those smiles! He looks just like his sister!! You really do take great pics!! and always have the best light!


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