Friday, August 10, 2012

Dog Days of Summer

I can't remember, is it the beginning or the end of summer that they call "the dog days"?  Maybe its the middle?  Whenever it is, thats where we are.  

No cental air?  No problem!
The fountains at Szabadsag Ter are a hot spot for the over heated children of Budapest.

Bop and Carsten played chased... running, chasing, laughing...

... until Claudia lost her flip flop down one of the drains!   In true girly girl fashion, she was shattered over the loss of the shoe.  Carsten, the true gentlemen, did his best to find the shoe, but it was a lost cause.   Look at that sad face.  =( 

And here's Paddy & Ilse.  Poor things just had to sit and watch! 

And a popsicle is always a good way to wrap up a long summer day.
... whether you're three or thirty three.  I'm not thirty three.  I'm close, but not quite.


  1. Love your bangs! Poor Claudia looked devastated. Oh well...guess y'all will need to go shopping:)

    Was that a naked kid in one of the pictures? If so, hilarious.

  2. Yes, that child was splashing in the buff and enjoying every second of it!

  3. Thanks, Jessie! Its a big departure for me. Haven't had a new style in like 10 years! I'm resistant to change.

  4. Love your hair!! CC is cute as always :)!

  5. Look at that modern "do"! I'm impressed Meryl! I can't wait to see you! Love you!


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