Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pat Facts

It's been an eventful week here and we (CC, Paddy & I at least) have only left the house for doctor visits. We lead very exciting lives, you see. Thankfully, I think CC's virus is finally on its way out. At one point, Thursday to be precise, her temperature reached 104 f. This was a personal record for her and it freaked us all out pretty good. But, like I said, things are looking much better now! As for Patrick, there's something very exciting (and a little sad) about how quickly he is changing. Watching him grow this week, I've observed the following:

He explores the world around him, wobbling his little head in the direction of strange new sounds.
He intently studies the face of anyone who gets close enough to come within his 12 inch field of vision.

He's got a distinctive cry that he uses when he wants to be held. You are powerless to resist it.

Sweet little man likes to make eye contact at night... which I've heard is a no-no if you want them to go back to sleep after their feedings. But again, it's something you're pretty powerless to resist.

Paddy can sleep through just about anything... including a room of screaming/laughing/crying pre-schoolers, as I observed this last week when picking Claudia up from school.

He is not a doll to be dressed up. He went pretty crazy shortly after I took this picture and didn't stop until I took the silly hat off. I'm sorry about that, Patrick.
He likes to be cuddled... especially when he is tired. The key to making him happy is to swaddle him up tight like a burrito and play him tide pool white noise. Only then does little man drift off to sleep. Unless he's riding in the car. Without a doubt, the car is his Patrick's little happy place. We love you Patrick, you sweet little thing!


  1. Oh my goodness, what a CUTE baby!!!!

  2. Hope y'all have a better week and sweet Claudia continues to improve. Patrick is just about the prettiest baby I've seen in a while. Darling!!!

  3. Meryl, he is PRECIOUS! I knew you would love having a little man! Give him a big hug for me.

  4. Oh he is just perfectly handsome! How could you resist anything that sweet boy wanted?!?! Snuggle and stare in his eyes and whatever he wants when ever he wants it! :) Hope CC is completely well asap!

  5. He's so sweet and adorable! I think he looks different than Claudia did as a newborn. Do y'all think so?


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