Sunday, February 19, 2012

Gram and the Grands

When he wasn't sleeping, Paddy was so excited to have his Gram come to visit him.

There was lots of hand holding.

There was lots of nurturing.

And don't think this one didn't get in on in too.

She can get Gram to do anything.  On Claudia' insistence, Gram actually got in the Exersaucer next!  
Just teasing.  But she thought about it.

They really are best friends.  And Claudia always manages to surprise Gram.

By doing stuff like this.

But Gram is a good sport.  Always full of love and patience.  She even took Bop out to play in the snow. 
Here they are, sharing a hug by the door after playing in the below freezing weather.

I think Gram really enjoyed sweet Paddy.  Nothing but hugs and cuddles from this little guy.

All three of them together make for one happy bunch!!


  1. Maybe Paddy can make the right side of the blog soon. Even Winston is listed, but not poor little Paddy. So mistreated. ;)

  2. That Claudia is freaking hilarious and her wild hair in that last picture cracks me up! It looks like Sean when he wakes up! Paddy is too sweet!


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