Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Claudia Builds a Snowman and Gives Tummy Time Tutorial

I was laboring under the delusion that winter was on its way out.  Wrong, wrong, wrong.  It snowed all day today and is still snowing now.   I'm not complaining, though!  Because it's really pretty and Claudia is out of school this week, so we don't really have anywhere to go.  I promised Daddy I'd post these snowman pics from last weekend... this is a McLendon family first.  A real snowman!
They gathered random stuff around the yard to adorn Claudia's "Snow Princess"

Claudia was really interested in the "Snow Princess", as can be seen from this photo.

But then she stopped caring and it became Daddy's snowman. 

Isn't he festive?

I'm trying to preserve these snow memories... Lord knows we won't have any when we go back to Houston!

In other news, with Claudia feeling better, she has been helping Patrick "learn stuff."  She plays on the playmat with him.

I don't want to call it "bossing" just yet, but she definitely has an opinion on how he should be doing things.

She even demonstrated tummy time for him.  Wants him to get it right.  Very concerned big sis.
One of the funnier quotes from this weekend came when CC got really close to Paddy, then hollered "Oh Paddy, you look like you're scared of me!!"  He did, by the way, look really scared of her.

And then little man farted.  Must be a defense mechanism of sorts.

He gave a look as to say "no good?"  As you can see from this pic, Claudia was very proud of her little brother.

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