Thursday, February 9, 2012

Welcome to the World, Patrick Wallace McLendon!

He's here!   Patrick Wallace McLendon arrived February 2, 2012 at 9:27 pm, in Telki, Budapest!  Telki is right outside of Budapest and has a fantastic private hospital.  The whole experience was great.  Patrick's birthday came a few hours earlier than predicted... he's so reliable like that.  I spent the day ignoring contractions, dismissing them as false labor.  Luckily Russell suggested I call the midwife around 5 pm to get her opinion.   Claudia's teacher Reka brought her home from school and stayed with her.  Claudia loves Reka, so she was in great hands.  We went to the hospital around 6 and by 6:27, the doctor determined that it was baby time!  Just three hours later Patrick was here!   It went by so quick, I barely got the epidural in time... less than an hour before he was born.   It was perfect timing and little man was healthy and happy as can be.  Here's some pictures of his first few days.

The first picture taken of our sweet little boy.   He looks a little irritated, but I'm pretty sure he was happy.
Mommy and Daddy with Baby Paddy
Daddy and Paddy

Our sweet little man
He's small in size, but big in heart.  
Me and my Paddy boy
Patrick looks everyone right in the eye and will track you when you move.  Little man is focused!
Mommy and Paddy
The stats... it's all in metric.  His weight was 8 lbs, 3 oz and his length was 22 inches.
Born at 9:27 pm.
He's done a lot of this...
... but quite a lot of this too.
Family hospital pic.  Claudia lost her cool with the nurse.  She thought she was stealing my camera.
She started screaming "That's mommy's camera!  Noooooo!"   This is the "good" picture.
She perked up considerably when she found out Paddy had brought her a present to the hospital.
He's starting to look a lot like his sister did as a newborn... same little mouth and nose.  Can't tell about the eyes yet.
The day we were discharged, there was a pretty strong snow storm and it continued to snow for several days.  Paddy's pediatrician, Dr. Orsy, was so sweet.  She did a house visit for his first appointment so we wouldn't have to take little man out in the snow.  You definitely don't get house visits in Houston
Daddy 'n Paddy.  BFF.

I have a ton more pictures.  Tons!  I'll be sharing more soon.  Just wanted to share pics of Paddy's first few days while getting adjusted to life with two!  I'm so thankful to have my sweet mom here with us.  More Gram and grandbaby pics on the way too.      Thanks to everyone for being so kind and encouraging.  We are all doing great and just enjoying this special little guy!  What a blessing he is!


  1. Hi!
    Congratulations to the family's newest member to little Petrik. Happy birthday for him.

    Edina and Gabi!

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  3. Wellcome Patrik, congratulations and greetings from Split!

  4. I LOVE him. He is SO cute.

    That first family picture is cracking me up.

    Hope to meet him soon!

  5. He's precious!!!!!! Congrats! Hope CC hasn't tried to eat him yet, bringing a gift was very smart on Paddy's part! :)

  6. What a happy family! He's just precious! And 8 lbs is NOT small in my book! Bravo to you. Big hug from the Renton clan!

  7. SO SWEET :) Congrats McClendon family! Love his nick name ;)

  8. What a precious little boy! Love the story about Claudia thinking the nurse was stealing your camera!


  9. He is ADORABLE!!! really really ADORABLE!!! especially for a newborn!! I've never seen a newborn look so perfect!! glad all is well!!


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