Tuesday, January 24, 2012

(Attempting to) Get Ready for Baby!

Hello there! Just wanted to let you know our family will be featured on the next episode of Hoarders. We've got piles of anything and everything accumulating around here. First, I'm trying to figure out whether to give away all Claudia's baby clothes and stuff to some friends that are having girls here. Russell says I'm letting nostalgia over tiny, beautiful baby girl clothes cloud out the conversation wherein we decided that two is a really good number for kids. So, the baby girl stuff is just strewn out and about all over the house. In neat, pretty pink piles.

Next, and the more important issue... effective January 1, 2012, our Hungarian garbage collectors now refuse to pick up our trash. Last week, Russell had a 6 am conversation with our Hungarian garbage man (mostly acted out in a series of charades in the bitter, freezing darkness), wherein we learned that we need to give him extra money ("money" being the only English word in trash man's vocab) and position our can just so, or they wouldn't be taking anything away. Apparently, we've done nothing to his liking, as he has picked up our trash maybe two times this month. And our trash can is roughly the same size and dimensions of an over-sized Coke can. And so the refuse continues to pile up. Ideal conditions for bringing home a newborn!

On that note, we are just 9 days away from Paddy's due date!! I haven't taken many pictures this week, but I do have some bits to share:
Claudia's valentine for this year. I love doing personalized Valentines... it makes me happy and I think it will be fun to show her all her Valentines when she is older. As soon as Paddy's born I'll have to whip one up for him too!
Speaking of whipping things up... this week I finally did something with the silhouette I did of Claudia one year ago. It's hanging in her room.
Doesn't she look a little like this guy? I took a picture of Russell's boyhood silhouette from his house in Mer Rouge to compare with Claudia's. I'm certain she has his nose and facial structure. And my pointy little chin!
And this is how the weekend went ... poor Bop came down with a nasty cold. With Russell working all weekend, Claudia and I pretty much spent the entire weekend in pajamas, sleeping on the couch, watching the same two episodes of Little Bear in a continuous loop.
By Sunday evening, she summoned the strength to play dress up (her new favorite game, wherein I am usually the evil step-mother or some evil ogre-type character), but mostly she just kind of limped around the house.
Earlier in the week there was pony riding at school. They still ride the ponies, even in the snow. They assured me the ponies really like it.
And here's a funny I never shared from this summer. We stopped doing Claudia's riding lessons once school picked back up in the fall - since they do pony riding there - but here is her little get-up from the summer lessons. She definitely was a little bobble-head wearing that helmet. And the funny part is that she has already outgrown this and her previous helmet. That brain is a-growin'!

And speaking of a-growin'... at my ultrasound two weeks ago, Paddy was already bigger than Claudia was when she was born. Maybe he will make an appearance here in the next few days. So, if this blog goes cold, that's where we'll be!!


  1. So sorry about your trash - that is crazy. And so sorry CC was sick. For baby clothes, I allowed my self one small-ish box to keep my very favorite baby girl clothes. You can purge is phases...it is hard, though!
    Love the riding outfit -that is precious!

  2. We really love that valentine card! Cassidy has become quite obsessed with being a trapeze girl lately, after seeing a circus that came to town last fall. Where did you get the background for the card?

    And good luck with your upcoming delivery!!
    - Maggie and Dan Miller

  3. Hey Maggie, I sent Claudia's picture to a girl who has an Etsy store and she made it. here is her Etsy store: http://www.etsy.com/shop/LittleAndTheGirl

    That's pretty awesome that Cassidy wants to be a trapeze artist!

  4. We are fixing to move to Budapest and I believe my husband and your husband will be working together!!! I would love to chat with you and get info on Budapest and everything else!!! Please email me at nikki.smith@live.com

    Looking forward to your email!! :)))))


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