Sunday, January 29, 2012

Letters to Paddy & Feeding the Dutch Elephant

When I see this picture, I recall my favorite line from Dirty Dancing... "I carried a watermelon." It's out of focus, but you get the drift. Four days and counting until the due date.
Before Claudia was born, Russell and I both wrote letters to her, sealed them up and put them in her baby book. It wasn't our idea. The baby book we used suggested it would be nice for your child to read your letters when they are all grown up. So we are doing the same for Paddy and CC got in on it too.So here's the gospel according to Claudia. FYI, Claudia likes to send letters and I do all her dictation - the sentiment is 100% hers. The PS part reads "When you wake up, brush your teeth and go downstairs & eat." I finally realized it's a line from the book "George Shrinks" by Bill Joyce. If you haven't read this book (or any Bill Joyce books), let me recommend them now. They're really good. And, yes, she has her own stationery. She has since she was born. I'm a weirdo who believes that thank yous and other notes should be handwritten and you're never too young to start. I did suggest it might make a nice touch if she gave her note a little kiss before we sealed it up. In true Claudia fashion, she began to eat the letter. That was the end of that.
Last night we went to a birthday party at the Budapest Zoo Playhouse. It's a little playhouse connected to the zoo. They let the children get up close with one of the elephants, a sweet old girl from the Netherlands.Here's Claudia refusing to feed the elephant. She went all rigid and said "I don't want to feed that elephant, Dad." Russell took care of business, but that was as close as she would get. I'm pretty sure this kind of thing would never fly in the Houston Zoo... or any other zoo in the US for that matter. Just another perk of living in Budapest. =)So Claudia is not in this picture, but I had to share. This is birthday boy Carsten with some of his guests. They all watched in amazement as Carsten (dressed as Wolverine?) plucked Spiderman from the cake, inserted Spidey into his mouth and then said "Dad, this is plastic." It was a fun party and a nice way to wrap up this weekend.


  1. Hi!
    Congratulations to the family's newest member to little Petrik. Happy birthday for him.

    Edina and Gabi!

  2. Holy monkey CC cracks me up!!! I love her and her note. I agree with you 100% about the stationery and thank you notes! Cala has her own too, and she will start to fill them out as soon as possible! I got a handwritten TY note from Emily Ellis' little girl and it seriously made my day! I wish I could post a pic of it for you!

    Congrats on your precious boy!!! Sending y'all lots of love!!

  3. Hey Meryl and Russell!
    You have a beautiful daughter and congratulations on the arrival of Patrick! It looks like you are enjoying living in Budapest. Just wanted to let you know that we will be in Budapest in July for a day and would love to see you. We have not made or plane reservations yet, but we are planning on July 18th. Let us know if you will be around. Congratulations once again!
    Cecil and Gwen Harp


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