Monday, January 9, 2012

The Waiting Game... Waiting on a Game

We've been nail-biting nervous waiting for the big game to roll around. So we kept ourselves busy doing various toddler-friendly science experiments. This one (baking soda + vinegar + food coloring volcanos) was found via Carey on Pinterest. Thanks, Carey... this was big fun!
Claudia got really into the whole thing so I started searching around for other experiments... or as Claudia calls them, "magic tricks." Also, big thanks to Paps & Mama Kate for the Tinkerbell costume (she's sporting it here). It arrived last week (with the other much appreciated goodies!) and she's worn it every day since. Every day!
I found a great website, TinkerLab, that has all sorts of science projects, organized by baby, toddler, preschool & school age. Great website with endless experiments... or "magic tricks." Be forewarned... some tricks get messy. So now its game day and this is all the enthusiasm Bop can manage to muster up.
I bribed her with animal crackers if she'd do some sort of cute pose in her LSU get-up (big thanks Amy for the LSU outfits!). So she got up...
.... and ran away. Go tigers!

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