Monday, January 16, 2012

A Nursery and a Name

Paddy's room is all ready for him. Sheets washed. Crib dressed. Clothes washed, folded and all put away. Diaper bin filled. Lotions and potions lined up. Toys here and there. All this room needs is a little occupant.
Claudia has been a good sport about surrendering all her furniture and old baby toys.
She still gets in the crib daily and recently noted "I still fit in here, you know." Hopefully we don't find her curled up in there with Paddy.
The little bunny in the crib was my Grandmother's. I think he would like to live in here now.
Penguin family... mommy, daddy & baby
Mr. Fox... the room has a few fox accents and I'm waiting on some fox fabric I ordered to make an extra little pillow. This little guy was my Aunt T's favorite play thing as a little girl. It was on Claudia's changing table and now he'll live in Paddy's room.
If Paddy is anything like Claudia, neither of these little containers will be filled for some time. Claudia didn't grow hair until around 18 months and still doesn't really have enough for a haircut.
Claudia has been keeping busy testing out all Paddy's contraptions. When she bounces in this thing it slumps all the way down to the floor and just kind of lays there. She trapped herself in the eggsersaucer yesterday, so that one has been cleared for Paddy's exclusive use now.
And I don't think I've shared this yet... but little man has a name too. Patrick Wallace McLendon. We picked out Patrick for Claudia's boy name (we waited to find out what she was) and we still really liked it, so we knew we'd use it. Wallace is Russell's middle name and Russell's dad's middle name, so we thought it'd be nice to continue that tradition.

So nothing else is really ready. No bags packed. The rest of the house is a train wreck. Big sister still wants to cut baby brother in half. Citizenship documents not organized. I will do everything tomorrow, I'm sure. =) Mommy and Daddy are definitely ready to hold and love little Paddy, though, and that is the most important thing. That and the car seat. The car seat is now installed.


  1. Love your last paragraph.

    He will be the cutest little thing, ever!!!

  2. Your nursery looks great and reminds me that I need to get on the ball! I admire you for having Patrick overseas...I wish I had that same courage!

  3. That nursery looks great and I want to come lay in that chair!!! Looks divine and hard to pry yourself out of! Love the fox stuff! :) Cala got some fox onesies and shoes for Christmas from her Aunt Juju! I can't wait to hear more on CC's reaction to sweet Paddy!

  4. So sweet! Love the nursery and can't wait for Paddy to arrive!! Praying for you as D-day approaches! Miss you!


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