Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Three Year Hungarianniversary and Other Haps

Another year has passed in Hungary.  It's taken three years, but we now call Budapest our home, which naturally means we will probably be asked to move back to Texas at any given moment.  When that time comes, I will be happy to return to friends and family, but very sad to say goodbye to this magical place.  For the time being, I will just appreciate every moment we have here.   And I'll share some pictures of our host city.  

This pictures is about 6 months old, but I just found it and remembered how much fun we were having.  We are at some hotel in Russia and Claudia was parachuting onto the bed.   Patrick was resisting a diaper change.  I could have and should have helped my husband out, but I elected to take pictures instead.  
Her tree is UP!

Patrick immediately went after the tree and tried to slap off the ornaments.  Claudia was very kind and sweetly extracted him from the room. Daddyboy gave sister a big hug for carefully removing Patrick and cautiously closing the door, so as not to crush his fingers.
Patrick.  He is so busy!  We were heading out to a holiday brunch with friends and Russell was asking him to be on his best behavior.  
And this is what Patrick looks like at a brunch.  Thank goodness there was a playroom.  =)
Patrick's best girl left him for Fairfax.  This is his second girlfriend to depart Budapest for Fairfax in the past year.  He is taking it well.  He gave her several (open mouth) kisses before she left. 
my milk mustached man
So proud!   He stacks like a pro!

Poor Claudia, who is never sick, got sick this week.  My sweet girl, who never naps, napped for five hours on Monday, fighting off a nasty fever for most of the day.  
After a day of not eating or drinking, she finally woke up on Tuesday and asked for oatmeal.  What a relief to see her turn the corner.  
I am thankful that this little girl is a healthy little girl and that when she is sick, her illnesses are mild and quickly kicked.  
She even made a brief appearance at her school today to sing in the Winter Concert.  She later confided to me that she was moving her lips but that she wasn't singing.  Oh, Claudia.  

I will get a recording of her singing a beautiful Hungarian Christmas carol this week.  She knows the whole thing by heart and sings in the sweetest little voice.  Now I just need to find the video recorder thing.  

Hope everyone is having a good week so far.  =)


  1. Pretty, pretty Pest and pretty, pretty girlie!

  2. Both your children are exceptionally beautiful, but I am stricken by how lovely Claudia is... even when sick! Glad she's on the mend!

  3. Lovely! Our neighbors spent 2 years in Budapest and loved it.


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