Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Denmark! Nothing Rotten Here!

What's the happiest place on earth?  Disney?  Nope.  Copenhagen!  So says Oprah. And I agree.  It IS great!  But you know, I've never been to Disney World.  ;)  

By far, Copenhagen is one of the best places to be a tourist.  There is no problem with communicating... the chipper locals are happy to speak English and help you along in exploring the city.  We did just that last August.  Gah.  Just five months late here.     

Tivoli.  By far, the coolest amusement park we've ever visited.  It opened in 1843 and prides itself on not straying far from it's origins.  
Patrick enjoyed his first carousel ride (for the most part).

All the rides and these two just wanted to dig in the rocks.  That part was fun too, though. 
I'm glad there is no video from the Panda ride, because I was squealing like a child the whole time.  The next oldest rider (who was maybe 8?) looked at my like I was crazy, at first, but then she started hysterically laughing.  It really was a fun ride, though.  I couldn't help myself!

And you can't go wrong with a little of this stuff.
We skirted some rain and made it out to the Rosenborg Castle. For small children, the well manicured, but almost abandoned grounds provided a much needed running, jumping and duck feeding pit stop.  
Guess who could care less about the castle, its furnishings and the crown jewels?  Paddy!  He was most happy in the armory, poking around at the canons and sitting atop giant (and hopefully empty) gun powder barrels.
The crown jewels.  The Danish monarchy is the oldest in Europe, dating back to the Viking kings of the 10th century.  The crown jewels are kept in a nearly pitch black room which is wired with all kinds of alarms, including one that is sound triggered.  They kindly, but cautiously suggested Patrick take a quick look and be on his way.  =)  

The port was a nice place to check out all the boats and have some fish.   Patrick looks a little grumpy, but he was actually enjoying this part of the trip.  Maybe something with his socks.  I don't know.  

Proudly directly pedestrian traffic with her Danish flag.

Although initially disappointed that "The Little Mermaid" was of a bronzed nature (commemorating the timeless tale by Danish literary legend, Hans Christian Andersen) and not the Disney variety, Claudia eventually became fascinated with the statue.    
Claudia insisted Daddy take her to the other side of the statue to see if she had a fin.  After slip sliding over some partially submerged rocks, they made it... and she sure does have a fin, in case you were curious.  
It's a shame this picture is from about 6 months ago... I can't remember what she was talking about.  It looks important, though, right?!  Maybe she was talking about the statue behind her... 
That thing was intense.

The Postal Museum.  We went there to kill time before our flight.  It was free and it was fantastic!  It has an entire kids' floor with lots of postal related activities (sorting, stamping, delivering mail), but it also has playhouse-style exhibits on the Danish outdoors and wildlife and commercial industries.  

I'm so happy to finally share these pictures from beautiful Copenhagen.  It was a truly magical city.  Just something in the air there.  I can't quite explain it, but I know I really loved it.  

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  1. You just made the happiest people in the world a little bit happier! So happy that you liked it... And love the people of Claudias as Rasmus Klump!!!


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