Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Tree to Love

We have a Christmas to-do list:  (1) buy pitiful, unwanted tree and give it the star treatment with various trimmings and trappings; (2) deck the halls with homemade Christmas crafts; (3)  create candy gingerbread village; (4) learn some Christmas carols to sing to the next door neighbors (the American ones at least); (5) bake bread for all the sweet, elderly people on the street (there's quite a few and they are just the best); and the BIG ONE:  (6) celebrate Jesus' birth!    
The tree.  Found it!  Salt dough ornaments have been baked and mostly painted.  We need to reload on glitter and sequins, then we can get this guy sparkling!

The sweet lady at the nursery asked us in broken Hungarian/English, about 3 times, "you sure?  you SURE?"  Claudia definitely answered "Yes.  This is the one."  
We have no snow. We had it.  And it went away.  Hope it comes back for Christmas, but I'm not hopeful.  Instead we have freezing fog.  Five days and counting of freezing fog.  And nobody likes that.  Nobody!
It's kind of fun to play in it though.  For about five minutes.  

After five minutes expires, then it's time to go back inside.  And eat cookies.  Patrick is obsessed with cookies.  He just walks into the kitchen every few minutes of every single day and screams "cookies!  cookies!"  It was SO cute for the first few days, but now I'm scared he's kind of a crazy person. It's a kind of crazy I can relate too, though.  =) 
We were making a Christmas chain and Claudia had the idea to spell out "Christmas" with the extra links.  Christmas was a little long, though, so we went French with it.  
Watching Claudia decorate a gingerbread house has to be one of the funniest things I have ever seen.  It gets better every year.   She gets more into it every year, sniffing and sampling the ingredients, then precisely affixing the candies in confusing little patterns.  

house + trees... candy wonderland  =)
Meanwhile, Patrick has figured out how to activate the phone, bypass the passcode, take and broadcast selfies, which is more than I know how to do, some days. 
Sweet boy.  I love him.  I love, love, love him.

I'll post on update on our other Christmas items of importance and an "after" picture of our little tree.  Hope everyone's days are bright in the last few weeks of 2013, whatever you may be celebrating.  =)


  1. Love the sniffing pic. What in the world, funny girl?! You are hilarious!

  2. These pics are so joyous! I LOVE them. We just made gingerbread houses too (the girls that is, with wine) and I'm inspired by your cone-tree idea - so awesome:)

  3. The pictures of them in the fog are absolutely gorgeous!! I'm so excited for the future years when Cooper will be old enough to make things like gingerbread houses!!

  4. LOVE the ice cream cone decorating idea! BRILLIANT.
    Those littles are sure embracing the spirit of the holidays. Love it.
    Merry Christmas to you four!!

  5. Beautiful memories for this time of the year...lets hope you get your wish for snow on the big day. xxx


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