Saturday, August 10, 2013


Summer has officially gotten the best of me.  I have been taking pictures, but due to my laziness, I just haven't managed to get said pictures off the camera, into the computer and onto the blog.  Eventually that memory card had all the summer memories it could hold, so I'm sifting through them now.  =)  

Claudia, you are enjoying every last second of summer and all that comes with it.  You had many accomplishments this week... swimming with your face in the water, riding a bike without training wheels and, most importantly, being a true friend.  Specifically, when a lot of kiddos were excluding a fellow playmate, I watched you take the girl by the hand and bring her into the fold.  I could not be more proud.   
Busy, busy, busy.  Too busy to even look up for a picture!  Paddy, your little motor skills are developing so nicely.  You still don't say much to us, but you smile, giggle and play all day.  I know you are happy.  And that makes me happy.  =)
My favorite from last week ... Roald's face when he sees his mom after spending the weekend with his grandma.  Look at the pure joy on his happy little face!

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."  
Inspired by Jodi.   


  1. Adorable photos! I love that it'll be "summer" here all year round.

  2. Paddy is so big now! I can hardly believe time, you know!
    Sounds like miss C has had quite the week indeed. Right you are to be so proud of that amazing little girl!

  3. That's when you know you've had a good summer :) What a big girl Claudia is, that is quite a week! You must be so proud of her :)

  4. Still. You've waited and they've been worth downloading and uploading! Gorgeous photos. I can't wait for winter! x

  5. Look how stylish Claudia is with her sunnies and head wrap and bikini!

  6. Well done Claudia for being a true friend! No wonder you were proud Meryl. I just love how you have captured the first shot, it is so cute! And Patrick is as adorable as ever, those wooden trains were a big hit in this house too. Have a great week. :)


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