Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sweet, Sweet Summer

We have squeezed every last good bit out of this summer.   We wake up early.  We stay up late.  We make lemonade.  We eat ice cream.  Every day.  We walk the woods.  We swim the pools.  We stay outside all day.  We are lazy.  We are happy.  =)
I drew the hop scotch board, Patrick helped color in the blocks.
A fine hop scotch leap.

Check out this girl go!  And try to ignore that voice in the background... I have convinced myself that if I don't constantly encourage her, she will just fall off that bike.

She is really getting good with that hula hooping... not so much at the hula-ing part, but rather the hurling it really high into the air part.

We had a dance recital one night.  Daddy brought flowers to throw at the end.
The favorite toy of my favorite boy.
This little cart has gone with us everywhere the past few weeks.
It did not travel through the woods very well,  but he insisted on bringing it.

The water hose brings countless hours of entertainment.

I repeat... countless hours of entertainment.

I hope everyone is enjoying these last summer days before school kicks up!


  1. Meryl, your pics are stinking BEAUTIFUL. It doesn't hurt that your kids are so beautiful, too.

    Miss you guys!

  2. No training wheels??? When did Claudia get so big? Go girl!

  3. What perfect captures!
    Unbelievably beautiful babies my friend.
    Great photos. Thanks for sharing. Happy summer indeed!

  4. You have a star model in the making! Wow she is a stunner.

    ps I miss Summer!

  5. Ahhhhh, I loved this post. The video is brilliant, Claudia is doing so well! I would be the same on the encouragement front, especially as we get a lot of tantrums and frustration when they fall off. I have to keep them positive or it all goes a bit pear shaped! The picture of Patrick and his cart has got to be the cutest one yet! He is just too funny. Your summer days sound perfect, lazy is good, very good - and certainly what summer is all about! September will soon be here, and the dark, gloomy nights, I don't blame you for making the most of it, Meryl! :)) x

  6. love the water hose pics with the spray in the background! Great shots!!! Larry


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