Monday, November 26, 2012

Counting My Blessings

Last year we started a Thanksgiving tradition with Claudia of making a crafty turkey, asking her what she is thankful for and recording her answers on her turkey.  We got some interesting feedback:  (1) food ("mostly crackers and cookies"), (2) baby swans, (3) "my pretty little hands", (4) Mommy, Daddy, Paddy, (5) "the golden sun", (6) birds in the trees, (7) ponds to swim in, (8) Oatmeal & Birdie Blanket.

We were really pleased that she was "extra thankful" for Patrick. 

The "extra thankful" part made him happy too.

I was extra thankful that my cousin Mandi and her boyfriend Jeff came to visit!  Being far away from family makes you a little homesick at the holidays, so it was super to have these two come to Budapest!

Plus, they are really good at entertaining the kiddos!

Thanksgiving day was also Mandi's birthday, so we squeezed in two celebrations!

I can't begin to describe the meltdown Claudia had when they left.  She was devastated.  Luckily, we will be seeing them soon... in TEXAS!

Claudia's Thanksgiving pageant at school was pretty entertaining as well.  I think she is one of the four Americans at the school, so we were thankful that the day got recognized in such a big way. 

Sometimes you can really get to the heart of a holiday when you ask a child why they are celebrating.  Claudia said Thanksgiving is for being glad you have a family.  She knows it has something to do with Pilgrims crossing the Atlantic and Native Americans keeping these Pilgrims alive, but at least for now, its nice to just go with her sentiments.
These two (Claudia with Theodor from Sweden) didn't sing a single word of "When Turkeys Wake Up", instead they swung their hands back and forth and giggled.  Even better than the song!

I'm thankful that Claudia was so helpful in the kitchen while getting ready for Thanksgiving.  She handled the lion's share of making pumpkin pie cupcakes and was really serious about the whole thing.
And then she tried to teach Paddy to play the harmonica.  Did I mention that Claudia has started playing the harmonica?  Almost everyday?   Early in the morning?   I  think I need to find that harmonica and put it somewhere special today.

I'm so thankful to have my family!  
No matter where we are, I will always feel at home when I am with them. 

I am "extra thankful" to have such awesome American friends to share Hungarian Thanksgiving with.  What a blessing!

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