Friday, November 16, 2012

Silly Things & My Mom's Birthday

Today is my mom's birthday! We are sending big hugs your way today, Mom! Here are some pictures of silly happenings around the house to brighten your special day.

This is what a handle bar chocolate milk mustache looks like.

Again, with a smile.

Here is happy Paddy.

Here is really happy Paddy.

Due to excessive hugs and kisses around the house, everyone has managed to get nasty sick from a cold bug.  Origins of the virus are unknown.  I suspect it had something to do with three back-to-back visits to the Zoo Playhouse last weekend. 

Little man has been trying his hand at finger foods.  Carrots- his first.

Paddy like?

Yes. Paddy like!

Claudia draws pictures of her buddy Carsten almost everyday.  She drew this and said "Carsten has all the colors of the rainbow in his tummy."  I asked "you mean in his heart?"  She reaffirms, "no, his tummy.  Where his love is."  I nodded.  Its good she understands early that the way to a man's heart is, indeed, through his tummy, where the love is. 

Claudia drew a family portrait.

... and an astronaut.

Being home sick this week allowed for plenty of craft time.  I helped Bop make this hand & foot print turkey for Thanksgiving.   She loves having her appendages painted, but giggles to the point of hysteria when I paint her feet! 

We had a "leftover" hand from the turkey craft.  Claudia wanted to use it for a picture.  She drew a mommy tiger and a baby tiger.  She then pasted the handprint to the top & asked to put red glitter on it.  We did that.  I asked, "why the glittery hand?  What does it mean?"  I'm always looking for some kind of deeper meaning in her pictures.   
The answer I got was a bit disturbing, but funny, at least to me, so I'll share.  Claudia:  "This is a hand that I am feeding to the mommy & baby tiger.  It's just a bloody hand."  I nearly choked & asked "why are we feeding them a bloody hand?"  She says "It's the circle of life." 
So now I'll explain something about the Budapest Zoo ... where they keep old livestock pins next to the wild cat pins.   At feeding time, a VERY recognizable side of beef (legs & hooves attached) is promptly procured & delivered to the cats.   We've seen this a dozen times.  I don't know how to explain this to my inquisitive three year old, other than tell her its part of a cow & that this the circle of life.   At the very least, this picture is confirmation that she has been listening to my little biology lessons! 
Happy birthday, Mom!!  We love you!


  1. Love the bloody hand story. She is soooooo funny.

  2. hysterical!!! i'm still giggling. "it's the circle of life." HA!

  3. So funny! Don't you love when they turn something you have told them back around on you?

  4. CC never ceases to make me laugh! If only she could come stay a week or two with us! We would have our entertainment cut out for us! Love your posts, as usual! Miss you (as usual)!! Much love! Ames


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