Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day & Nine Months

With the Presidential election today and the ongoing recovery from Hurricane Sandy, all eyes are turned to the states right now. We're not sure if our absentee votes will actually get counted, but we will be up very early tomorrow morning to see how this all plays out. Very exciting!   And speaking of exciting...    
... Patrick is nine months old!
He's taken a strong interest in remote controls, car keys, wheels, tags of any kind and eye glasses.
He's a great little eater.  He usually eats about three bottles and three meals every day.  What he wants more than anything is to eat what we eat.  He will reach out to snatch food off our plates and grab our drinking glasses and pull them to his mouth.   He'll nibble on bananas and munch on thick apple slices, but that's the extent of finger foods.  Today he grabbed a piece of bread off my plate and stuffed it in his mouth, though.   The little sneak must be watched very, very carefully at the table!

Poor Patrick got triple whammied last week with an ear infection, mild croup and teething. You wouldn't know from this picture, though, which was actually taken in the thick of things.
As for new skills, Patrick is big on pulling up and attempting to cruise his way around the furniture.  He insists on letting go of his support structures, though.  These endeavors typically end in a fall, a few tears and a repeat attempt.  He crawls like a navy seal dragging himself on his elbows under some barbed wire.  Sometimes he throws a bear crawl in there too.  For better or worse, he can remove and insert his own paci and will crawl across the room if he spots a paci, regardless of whether he already has one in his mouth.  He jibber jabbers a good bit now and has taken a particular interest in chatting it up with the Nestle bunny on the front of Claudia's Coco Puff box.  Yeah, I said CocoPuffs.      

He loves a good wheel!

But mostly, he loves sister!  Mommy & Daddy are a close tie second!

To quote Bob Schieffer, "It will make you feel big and strong!"


  1. What a sweet 9 month old! It starts so young with boys and their remotes:). Happy Election Day!

  2. Happy 9 months Patrick!! What a beautiful little boy you are.

    Jason tracked his ballot from Brazil on Friday...thankfully it was received!

  3. oh my, so it's been a while since I have caught up on the McLendon blog...oh how I miss you guys! Your humor makes me laugh in these posts! Paddy is so cute in those pics and I loved the Halloween pics! Audrey would have been quite jealous to hear of CC's witch princess costume! (her being a witch by day, and a ladybug princess by night)When are you coming in town? Send flight details so Liz and I can plan!!!! Istanbul is beautiful! I was amazed! You my friend, are taking the world by the reigns! Talk soon!


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