Monday, July 9, 2012

Five Months and Feeling Fine!

Patrick is now FIVE months old!  He had his five month birthday in Houston, so this post is about a week late.   Bless his heart, before we left, he had really gotten the hang of sleeping most the night (from about 6:30 pm until 4:00 am).  Then we decided to take him across the world ... he had day/night confusion the whole two and a half weeks we were there.  And he got sick with the croup.  And he cut his first tooth.   Nevertheless, little man soldiered on and did great.   The kid is tough as nails.
Paddy LOVES his glow worm, being outside, being carried in the Baby Bjorn, his sister, playing peek-a-boo, looking at himself in the mirror and seeing his picture on the computer.  Paddy does NOT love having his nails trimmed, riding in the car, diaper changes and coming inside.   This boy would probably be happiest if we moved his crib outside.
Another dislike ... watching us eat dinner.  He swats and grabs at our food and screams when we won't give him any.  We go to the doctor tomorrow for his five month check up.  I'm taking the various boxes / jars of baby food I've bought (which is all in German and Hungarian) to find out what the heck to feed him. 

If you zoom in really close, you can see his first little tooth in this picture.  It's in the bottom / middle and there's another one getting ready to come out next to it.  Bye bye gummy grins, hello toothy smiles!

My sweet boy.

He's getting a little more comfortable in the Bumbo.  Mostly he just seems like he's trying to wiggle out of it, though.   Big thanks to Amy for bringing the green Bumbo... I don't think he would have liked sister's pink one.  

He is still largely concerned with figuring out whether he can fit both mitt and foot in mouth simultaneously.  So close!

I do hope that they will be become good friends as they grow older.  Patrick adores her and she is a proud big sister.  We do have to work on Claudia being more gentle with the little guy and she is getting a little less jealous with every day... but really, I am impressed with what a good big sister she is to Paddy.   Patrick, I hope you always love and appreciate sweet Claudia.  =)

Here's a little snippet of Paddy in action.  That's me screeching in the background and sticking my finger over the camera lens.  Master photography and narration.  Just for you!  


  1. He and Claudia are really starting to look alike. Precious kids!

  2. He's adorable! Your kiddos are so sweet together.

  3. He is SUCH a handsome and cute little boy!!!! ADORABLE!!! you have some SERIOUSLY CUTE kiddos!!!


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