Thursday, July 19, 2012

Girl with the Curl Gets a Trim

Somebody had her first haircut while in Houston.  Here's a before picture.

She was pretty emphatic about needing "Rapunzel hair."  She repeated this to the stylist, Amber, no less than twenty times.  Amber assured her that she was just trimming.  Bop was still a touch nervous. 

I can tell she's nervous when she doesn't speak.

She just sat perfectly still and didn't answer any of my questions.

Once she got that cape on, though, she was good to go.  She was thrilled that they had a "Darth Vadar cape", just for her!

True to her word, Miss Amber only took off about an inch of curls.

Little Miss Bop was so pleased with the final result.

Sweet Bop.

Can you see those curls?  I love Texas humidity.  It is better than any curl enhancer / controller you can buy in a store.

Her reward for being such a good girl:   4 marshmallows.  Happy girl.  Lots of curl.

By the way, if anyone in Houston has a curly haired child who needs a trim, go to Amber at Damsels and Blokes.  She was GREAT!


  1. Those curls are adorable! One day you can say that Claudia travels all the way to the United States to see her stylist:).

  2. She is her momma's mini me on that last pic!!!


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