Friday, July 27, 2012

Rain and Bubbles

Rain and bubbles go well together.  Especially for the purposes of this post.
  We couldn't resist running around in this humid, Texas afternoon storm.

I've noticed that rainstorms and Texas sized puddles bring out the kid in everyone.

Pawpaw enhanced the rain storm by activating the sprinklers. Big hit with this one.

This little man watched from the tailgate, high and dry.

This wet one eventually came over to dry off.

Someday soon you'll be able to play in the rain Paddy.

When the sun came out, Gram and Pawpaw equipped us with bubble guns.
This was good.

Poor Aunt T showed up when the weapons transfer was complete.
She made the perfect, unsuspecting target for Claudia.

But everyone knows that the biggest target is the surest target. 

Pawpaw, adorned with various wild animal stickers, faithfully protected Paddy from the ensuing bubble shoot out.

Claudia headed our tenants of bubble gun safety.  We were in Texas after all.
Everyone has guns.  Everyone must learn gun safety.  Even three year olds.

... and three year olds at heart.

Gram and Pawpaw, thank you for supplying the bubble guns.

I hope you enjoyed this Texas shoot out as much as I did.


  1. You are my favorite blog writer. So fun to read your posts. Your girl is BEAUTIFUL in these pics (of course!), as are you and your babe.

  2. I agree w/Emily!!! you're posts are great!! I can't believe how big Claudia is getting!! She's starting to look so old and grown up!

  3. Fun times! Those bubble shooters are something serious! Did those make it back home with y'all??


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