Monday, April 23, 2012

She is THREE!

Claudia, here are just a few special facts about you.  You have the most tender heart, but the spirit of a lion.  You make us laugh every day.  You stick up for your friends.  Everyday you gently shake your baby brother's hand and say "how do you do?!!"  If allowed, you could eat your weight in marshmallows.  You fall down.  Very much, quite often.  But you always bounce back up like nothing happened.  You sing yourself to sleep at night.  You use the phrase "well, actually" about a hundred times a day.  Your favorite Disney princess is Sleeping Beauty.  You have invented a nonsensical language called "Koona Shoona" which consists of Japanese + jibberish.  You like to dress yourself, but are receptive to some coaching from Mommy.  When you wake up in the morning, you go straight for Daddy and ask him to come downstairs with you for breakfast.  You love bubble baths.   Your hair is still very much curly.  Your best friends are Carsten, Emily and Mira.  You know how to ride your tricycle.  You tell everyone that you are from Teeexas.  You light up our days and thankfully sleep through the nights.  We love you, love you, love you!  Happy third birthday!

Birthday girl enjoyed her special day.

Fifteen of her buddies came over for a day of cake, bouncy house bouncing, a safari scavenger hunt and a little garden soccer match.  

The day started out with a festooned door and the annual measuring.  Claudia is officially over three feet tall!

Happy birthday to YOU!

There is no one alive who is youer than you!!


  1. Sweet, sweet, sweet!! Happy Birthday to Claudia! Looks like a fun party!! :)

  2. Happy Birthday C! Everything turned out so cute!

  3. Love the youer than you!!! And that you are smooshing down her wild hair to measure her!!! Happy Birthday sweet Claudia, another fun fact, lots of people LOVE reading the funny things you say and do!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday, cute girl! Your Mommy is the best writer... I know you will cherish her little tidbits about you someday.

  5. How precious! Happy 3rd birthday. What a special party.

  6. I love the "well, actually" part. So funny! I think it's good to document these little things. She'll love to read them one day!


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