Wednesday, April 4, 2012

High Fashion and Learning Japanese

Before you get disappointed, this post is about a kindergarten fundraiser for charity and Claudia is self teaching herself Japanese Jibberish (a hybrid between actual Japanese and complete and total nonsense).   If this interests you, read on.   Last week Claudia's school put on a "fashion show" to raise money for the Budapest branch of an international orphanage group, SOS Gyermekfalu Magyarorszagi Alapitvanya. The show had a mix of children from the school and children from the orphanage appearing on stage. It was a great event that raised funds for the orphanage and also raised awareness of the plight of the countless children that are living without families. 

Each class had a theme.  Claudia's class theme was "under the sea."  I asked Claudia what she was, she said "a fish.  I guess."  With some help from her teachers, she glued all the string to her fish suit.

Little girl enjoyed her moment to shine.

And this is Haruki.  Haruki is a sweet little boy from Japan that just joined Claudia's class.  He doesn't speak any English yet.  To help him adjust, Claudia has graciously taken it upon herself to learn Japanese and speak Japanese when conversing with Haruki.  Her teachers report that she does speak some words in Japanese, but about 90% of what she says to Haruki is just jibberish.  I suspect he is now more confused than ever. 

And this was the cutest thing ever... one of Claudia's classmates, a sweet boy from Switzerland, was flooded with joy the moment he saw his mom sitting beside the runway.   Too sweet.

Claudia was also overjoyed when she saw Russell and me.  Can you see the unrestrained joy in her eyes?  It's there.

Here's some of Claudia's favorite friends from her class.  Otto and Emily. The following pictures are just some of my favorites from the show.  They are all from the class whose theme was "buildings around the world".   The children themselves created these costumes.  I was very impressed!


Empire State Building

Grass hut

Chinese home, complete with Chinese lanterns

My favorite... the teepee (is that how you spell that?  it doesn't look right, but I'm too lazy to look it up.)

Sweet C "backstage" after the "show"... Daddy brought her a marshmallow as a reward for doing so great.  Well done C!


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  2. Cute! Miss that sweet face!!

  3. Holy cow I'm rolling laughing thinking about CC talking to that sweet boy in "japanese"!!! And her unbridled enthusiasm at your being at her performance! That kid is hilarious!

  4. I love this! These kiddos have some crazy fashion skills.


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