Monday, April 2, 2012

Paddy is Two Months!

My sweet Patrick Wallce is two months old.  That's twice as old as he was last month I did this.   I wish I could say he is all smiles... but he is mostly scowls, punctuated with sporadic moments of big open mouth grins and happy gurgly sounds.   But I will take that!  And I'll admit that his scowls make me laugh.  I've never seen anything like it.  A baby that scowls.  And he did it from the moment he was born!   We love you sweet Paddy Cakes.
He's already looking much bigger than last month, right?  He went to his two month check up with Dr. Orsy today and he now weighs 10 lbs, 14 oz and is 23.5 inches long.  His head circumference is 15.7, if I remember correctly.  Here he is smiling.
And here he is scowling.  Daddy showed up in the middle of his photo shoot.  Paddy did NOT want his belly tickled.

Eventually, he decided Daddy deserved a smile as well.

Did I mention he is a serious little fellow?

Big sis showed up next.   Bed head and all.

Look at that face.  Good grief!  I think I had told her not to knock the pictures off the wall.  What I killjoy I am!

So then Paddy just begged me to get out the camera and take a slew of pictures of him.  So I obliged him of course.
He's surprising cooperative for the camera.  We got a lot of sweet pictures of little man.  Here he is relaxing.

And here he is doing what he does best.  Doesn't he look like he's some grouchy 80 year old man who just yelled at some kids to get off his lawn?  I suspect I'll be getting a lot of this face over the years to come. 

And this face.  It's the mini scowl.

Sweet boy loves to observe everything around him.  He has freakishing strong legs and tries to stand up in his tummy tub.   He does NOT like to sleep at night.  He prefers to make a joyful noise unto his mommy throughout the night.  It's not my favorite tune, but I know that I will miss our night time parties when they are over.  Thankfully little man does not have any of the issues Claudia had (no reflux, milk allergy or eczema)... phew.   He loves to take baths, listen to his little mouse mobil music on his playmat and tolerates when I read him nursery rhymes.  He loves to be held.   

He is sweet Patrick... my baby boy!


  1. Beautiful baby boy. Love that little knit brow all the time... looks like he's having some really deep thoughts in that sweet little head. ;)

  2. He is so stinkin cute!!...the scowl could be that you have him in a "man gown" and are taking pictures of him wearing it, lol...just kidding! Love & miss you!!

  3. He is beautiful! Handsome man and I love the faces! CC is pretty cute too :)

  4. Gray always had a scowl too. One of my favorite pics is of him and Josh scowling together. Josh just had to pose and wait for Gray to join him, luckily he only waited like 5 seconds. :)


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