Friday, April 13, 2012

Two Easter Miracles!

This blog post is for Jerelyn McLendon, who is recovering beautifully in New Orleans after receiving a heart and kidney transplant on Easter day!  After keeping Aunt  Jerelyn in a coma following the surgery, she awakened a few days later with a smile across her face.  And just like that, the McLendon family celebrated TWO resurrections this Easter!  Here are some pictures from how we spent Easter in Budapest this year.  
Claudia hunted eggs with her best buddy Carsten.  The Easter Bunny left many "treats and goooodies!"  Carsten's mommy took these great pictures and even made this fun collage, which is great because I was holding Paddy and didn't get many pictures!

Claudia has made a ton of Easter and Spring crafts.  Almost all of these were done at school, where they also had their Easter egg hunt and Easter petting zoo.  I've unofficially decided (unless Gram has other plans), that I'm going to take pictures of most of Claudia's crafts as a means of preserving them.  Her arts and crafts are really piling up.  It's beautiful & I love everything she makes.  It's. Just. That. There's. No. More. Room....

We had TWO Easter bunnies visit us.  The Budapest Bunny and the Texas Bunny.  Lucky us, huh? 

Claudia tearing into the loot from the Texas bunny

Paddy and his first basket... "for me?!" he says.

Claudia was a good big sis and helped Paddy (and herself) with most of his goodies.

CC and Paddy in their Easter finest.

CC sure loves her Paddy Cakes.

Paddy might resist that love, but he can't dispute it.
Claudia sure does try her best not to smoosh our little man.

And little man is definitely not as terrified of her as he once was.  God Bless my little angels.  I am so thankful for these two children... and so thankful they simultaneously napped today too!  Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!   We love you Aunt Jerelyn!  


  1. Love, love, love the pics of them together on the chair. Such cuties!

  2. I LOVE her leggings/stockings! And they look precious in their monogrammed outfits ;) Paddy looks just like his sister!

  3. why are they so stinkin' cute?!?! Meryl, they are adorably precious!!! I just love to see pics of Claudia...she's SO expressive!! and your little man is so sweet, cute and handsome!!!

  4. Ok, those leggings of hers are too cute for words, and I would've never been able to invision that outfit, you're good!!! And those matching outfits are seriously so gorgeous and I love those pics!!!! So happy for your Aunt, what a glorious miracle, those are the stories that should be all over the news!!!

  5. They look adorable in their Easter outfits! And CC's leggings are too cute!! Glad you had a wonderful Easter with good news for your Aunt!!


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