Saturday, March 10, 2012

Peas and Carrots

I was having coffee with a friend (who is about to add a third chickadee to her brood!), when something dawned on me.  In the months leading up to Paddy's birth, I spent a good deal of time worrying how Claudia would adjust to Paddy... would she be jealous, would she be angry, would she be ambivalent to him?   Now Paddy is here, and lo and behold, Claudia really, truly likes, dare I say loves, the little guy.  And the real kicker is that I'm the one who is really learning how to adjust.  Specifically, I am focusing on being more patient with Claudia and assuring her that she is a very key member of this house.  She is the big sister, after all.   As my friend demonstrated, there is a balance to life with more than one child and it's all about giving each child their time. 
As for these two, right now their interaction is pretty limited and always heavily supervised.

One of the most surprising developments... Claudia understands that even though Paddy can't really interact all that much, he is still worthy of her love, affection and attention.  She knows that one day, he will be able to run, jump and play, and she's excited about that. 

Claudia does seem a little baffled when I tell her it could be a year or two before Paddy can really "play" with her.  In toddler time, this might as well be a lifetime.  But when I watched my friend's two children play together, it made me very excited for when Bop and Paddy can really play and enjoy each other's company. 

As for Paddy, there's no telling what's going on in his little mind, but judging by his ever increasing facial expressions (which are slowly shifting from pure terror to guarded curiosity), I think he will really love his big sister.

So, for now, it is entertaining (at least for Claudia and myself), to snuggle, love on and play with Paddy.  He provides a full days worth of entertainment for us both.

Don't get me wrong, though, there are times when Claudia is less than thrilled with Paddy... for example, when he screams through her viewing of Little Bear.  And she does periodically request that we "put Paddy down.  Put him down way over there (pointing to other side of room)." 

But considering she was threatening to "cut Paddy in half and eat him" a few short months ago, I think we have made remarkable progress.    And so, I will follow Claudia's lead and divvy up my time the best I know how so that each of these amazing kiddos knows that I love them very, very much!  


  1. Love it, Put him down--way over there! She is so stinking cute, as is Paddy and I'm sure they will love each other and have tons of fun getting into trouble together one day!

  2. So fun to see you guys. They are BOTH so unbelievably cute.

  3. So sweet! Love this post! Claudia is such a good big sister :) and you are an amazing mommy!!


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