Tuesday, March 6, 2012

She Said: a Collection of Claudia Quotes

Me: What should we name your lepruchaun?
CC: We'll call him "Daddy."

Me:  Why do you need toilet paper?
CC:  My babies (painted salt dough animal variety) need beds.  

CC:  Get a picture of me with Paddy (as she cuddles Paddy).
Me:  Ok, that's so sweet.  (fumbling with camera)
CC:  Nevermind.   Get a picture of me with my cereal (as  she runs back to breakfast).
Me:  Ok, that's also sweet, I guess. 

 Not a quote, but just a side-by-side comparison.  Can you tell who is who?   Hint, if memory serves me correct, the baby on the left is joyously farting.  Does that help?   


  1. your claudia is the cutest thing EVER.

  2. She just makes me smile :)!! Love all the new posts! I can't believe that Paddy is already one month old! I need to see him...soon! Get that baby a passport pronto so I can see you guys!! :)

  3. That girl cracks me up!!! Love her quotes! And yes, you can tell that is CC on the left! :)


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