Thursday, March 1, 2012

Paddy is One Month and is ALL SMILES!

One month can, under normal circumstances, slip right past us without a second thought given as to where the time went.   This past month was the exception.  This was Patrick's first month in existence.  Without a doubt, it is the greatest joy you can experience to watch a new life develop and thrive.  But I'll be honest... sleep has been hard to come by and I am haunted by a mystery cry of Paddy (its not hunger, exhaustion, gas, or the need for a cuddle).  Luckily, we appear to be turning the corner here, as sweet Paddy Cakes is sleeping and eating like a champ and is starting to show the first signs of his personality! 

Yesterday after a good feeding, he stared at me and just started smiling. Not a reflex or sleep smile... a genuine, honest to goodness, Mom-I-am-Happy smile.  The moment is indelibly burned into my memory now.  I managed to capture some smiles on camera today and they make me smile just looking at them.  Happy one month, Paddy Boy!  You are my sunshine.  
I didn't take monthly pics with Claudia (well, maybe just month one and two), so I'm going to try to keep up with it this time.

Paddy's new favorite activity, lying on the changing table, doing bicycle legs.

And here it is... a smile!

I took some pics of the sweet man a few days ago... he is definitely staying awake a lot longer.

He still scowls at me... all the time.

I know it's too early to tell, but I think he is going to be a serious little guy.

He always looks very concerned about something.

Which is while I melt when he smiles (or just doesn't scowl) at me.

Claudia wanted to get in on the one month picture too.
As per my request, she's doing her best not to crush him and he's doing his best not to get crushed. 

Just so you know, Paddy Cakes, your big sister loves you so much and wants to hold you all the time. 
You will always have a friend in Claudia.


  1. Sweet boy! One month already?!?

  2. That last picture of Claudia reminds me of Olivia. She loves to stand on Emerson's crib and try to pick him up. He looks at her in horror! He has grown on her but she hasn't grown on him! Paddy is precious and time really does fly!

  3. My goodness Claudia looks SO big compared to Paddy!

  4. He is an absolute DOLL!! Just gorgeous. Caroline has a crush on her first boyfriend already!! Can't wait to meet him!

  5. Love his little scowl. I wonder what's going on in that mind of his!

  6. He is so cute I can't stand it Meryl! Since Josh got back, I've been away from the computer for the most part so this is the first time I've had to admire Patrick! I love him!


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