Monday, October 10, 2011

Pumpkins & Candy

A few weekends ago we headed to a pumpkin festival in Zebegeny, Hungary.
Best thing about the festival... a giant, wooden contraption that, when cranked up by hand, spun toddlers around in wicker baskets. Pretty amusing for the kids and the parents.Other than that, there was a huge crowd and it was still pretty hot out. We didn't stay too long. They had pretty decorations, though.Russell and Claudia just wanted to go home and watch football. Thanks to the modern miracle of slingbox, we can watch all the LSU, Saints & Texans football we can handle.
Last week Claudia had her Harvest Party at school. I didn't get any good pictures from the song & dance performance, but the after party was a lot of fun. The kids had little picnics.
They held hands and danced around in circles.
Claudia, and her pal, Sander, snuck into the middle of the big dancing circle.
Claudia ate and danced the whole day.
She also learned about native Hungarian instruments. That's Bop, front & center, eating bread.
At home we got a bunch of pumpkins... and my mom sent us some much appreciated Halloween treats, including this pumpkin that's light enough for Claudia to toss around.Bop & her favorite pumpkin... the fake one. =)
She's asked to carve it about a hundred times.
My sweet girl.
Did I mention we were so excited to get real deal American Halloween candy?
Claudia had her first Butterfinger and Reese's Peanut Buttercup. Happy girl.
Thanks for the goodies, Mom.


  1. love the pic of her holding that pumpkin - so cute! your mom is the best about sending stuff!

  2. Precious! Love living your experiences thru your blog!!

  3. I can't get over her hair! Love it!!

  4. Love the wicker basket ride. Not many products liability lawyers here, apparently...


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