Thursday, October 20, 2011

Busy Body

We haven't been up to much around here... just chasing our wild banshee daughter around the house and wherever else she may roam. We got the potty training thing down. This is a picture of Claudia, post-potty, feeling victorious, taking a victory lap around the dining table. Party streamers in hand. Sans pants. Little lady has also been taking ballet class for the past few weeks. This is Claudia with her teacher, Miss Rachel. She gives Miss Rachel her full attention for thirty minutes every Wednesday afternoon. It's pretty impressive. I'm going to videotape the next lesson. I still can't believe how focused these girls become at the lesson. Very cool.
We bought Claudia a bunch of winter hats. Despite the dropping temperature here, Claudia insists that these hats have a very narrow purpose... head warming while she lounges on the couch. She puts her hat on and gets cozy on the sofa... reviewing her latest coloring book masterpiece. Hats are also worn while she watches Olivia and munches on popcorn.
Thus far, the hats are only worn on the couch. The hats are often found discarded in the school yard... you know, where it's like 50 degrees. We've also been cooking. Claudia gives everything a thorough smell test before tasting.
I wish I could say that I discourage this type of behavior (drinking sugar milk after polishing off cereal), but really, isn't this an essential part of being a kid? I think it is... so it goes!


  1. She is so stinking cute!!!! Love the hats and her wearing them only on the couch! :) Think these girls get some sass from their mamas!

  2. Love! She is just so precious! Can't wait to give her hugs and kisses in a few weeks!!


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