Thursday, October 27, 2011

Campfire Stories & Housebound Halloween Crafts

The weather's nice and chilly here, so we lit up our fire pit this weekend.Claudia was very helpful roasting weenies, until she wasn't.
Distracted by the marshmallows, she let Daddy do all the work.
Five minutes later... an entire bag of marshmallows disappeared.
Sweet girl giving Daddy a smooch by the fire.
And look here! I did something crafty.
I asked Claudia if she would pose by the pumpkins.
She wandered off. Went back inside. We'll try that again.
Poor thing has been sick all week, so we've been quarantined, sitting inside all day.
Making glitter ghosts.
... and Q-tip skeletons, paper pumpkins... and lions.
When she regained her strength, she tested baby brother's bed out.
She commented that "it's a crummy bed, but it's fine for him."
What a sweet big sister.
After a week of indoor isolation, she's generated about fifty original works of art...
...and has made about a dozen glitter bats. They're made out of egg cartons.
We have glitter all over this house.
It really gives this place the glimmer and shine it's been missing.
Thankfully, Claudia has turned a corner, so I think by tomorrow she will be officially healed.
And we can finally leave the house!!


  1. You are so crafty!! Love your lighting on the pictures...for some reason I don't think mine turn out that great! Love C's comment about the bed. Just wait! There will be LOTS more;)!!

  2. So cute as always....sorry she has been sick! Looks like some fun craft time, though!


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