Monday, October 31, 2011


Last year, we were just settling in to Budapest, where Halloween isn't really celebrated, so we didn't have any Halloween to speak of. Specifically, we and the Stanteens drove to Szentendre on Halloween night and watched about fifty kids throw down over a measly bag of candy. It was a pretty pitiful evening and left a lot to be desired.This year, Claudia has reached an age where she generally understands the concept of Halloween and trick or treating, i.e., dress up in fun costume, get candy, be happy. I didn't want this year to be a bust like last year, so I made a self declaration... This year will be different. Depend upon it!
There are no pumpkin patches in Budapest... at least I didn't find any. So we bought a bunch of pumpkins from the produce shop by our house, took pictures with them and carved them up right. CC helped me carve a pumpkin. We named him Jonathan. He's the happy looking fella. Daddy carved two pumpkins... Darth Vader and Jack the Pumpkin King. Tragically, Darth Pumpkin withered and collapsed within a few hours. All the kids that came over said things like "that pumpkin is sad" or "that pumpkin is broken."
To celebrate Halloween, we had Claudia's closest pals over for a little trick or treating. We made cupcakes and whoopie pies and served candy to each children in an amount sufficient to put them each in a sweet little sugar coma.
The kink in our trick or treating plans ... people in Budapest don't trick or treat. Solution: I passed out candy at the front door, while Russell passed out candy at the back door. The toddlers then toddled around and around the house... each time shouting out "trick or treat!" and "hurry, next house!" They did about three rounds of this before we ran out of candy. My sweet Claudia dressed up like Minnie Mouse.
We watch a fair amount of the Clubhouse, so she was pretty excited to be Minnie.
Claudia and her bestie Carsten had a grand old time attacking each other and then sharing candy.
The highlight of the evening proved to be the pumpkin pinata. These kiddos are all well under three, so the pinata was actually a sad, droopy paper sack pumpkin... it worked like a charm. The crew of candy-crazed toddlers beat the pumpkin with croquet mallets until the pitiful thing finally burst.
It was an eventful night for all and it also marked the beginning of my last trimester! Only three months to go!


  1. Awwww. A couple things:

    1. Top pic of Claudia is the cutest pic EVER!

    2. In the picture of Claudia and skeleton costume kid sitting on Russel's lap, I thought the little boy was the one holding the beer.

  2. What a GREAT idea! I bet the kids loved every second. As well as the parents. Who is the precious LSU cheerleader?! Good luck with your last trimester! You look great :)

  3. Love CC's minnie costume! She is too cute! And you are the cutest prego ever! Look amazing as always! Can't wait to see you in a few days!! Yay!!

  4. Love, love, love the pics of Claudia and the pumpkins. Your party looks so fun! So glad you made a new Budapest Halloween memory to replace last years!


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