Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Stuffs

Last weekend I sliced a big hunk of watermelon for myself, Russell and Claudia. I went into the pantry to get some plates. When I returned, the melon was gone. Claudia was also noticeably missing. I searched the house. Nothing. I went outside.
Found Claudia. Found the melon. Or what was left of it.
I said, "Claudia, did you just take that hunk of melon?" Claudia responds, "Finders keepers." Teasing. When confronted with even slightly naughty behavior, Claudia either gives no verbal response or says "I didn't do anything." On this occasion, I got no verbal response.So I cozy up to Claudia. She quickly realizes that her melon is in jeopardy. And she runs. Licking the watermelon all the way.
As you can suspect, she did not share. Guess we need to work on that.
Later... we went to the zoo... and saw a baby tiger!
No, three baby tigers! They were having a lazy Sunday moment.
Even their mom (far right) was completely passed out.
I suspect it was the heat, as almost all the zoo creatures appeared comatose.
Claudia really wanted to ride on an animal, so this was her moment.
And this was mine. I'm in love with these stinkin' goats.
They're really aggressive in their feed panhandling, but they are hilarious. They all start bleating and they sound like a chorus of cranky old men. It almost doesn't sound real. This is something that would have been best captured on video, but my phone doesn't have the capabilities. So just imagine roughly fifty goats all going "baaaaaaa!" It's like a symphony! Of goats!
Less enthusiastic, Claudia simply stuck her foot out and said "Stay back, goat. Stay. Back."She was most happy when I got her a lolly pop. We ran into one of her friends at the zoo, Adam, and he kindly offered her a few licks. After 3 or 4 licks, he said "Ok. No more." So, we naturally had to go buy our own.

It's funny how they are learning to share at this age, but aren't really ready for a full commitment to share. Kind of like that watermelon. Wait, no, I didn't get any of the watermelon. We're working on that.


  1. love the watermelon pics! we got back last night...let's play soon!

  2. Olivia thinks the 3 or 4 goats at the zoo are hilarious. I wonder what she would think of 50!


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