Friday, July 22, 2011

Round Top and my Sea Fan Project

Every year I go a little trip with two of the most important people in my life, my Mom and my Aunt T. We are reunited in our goal to do one thing: antique shop.
We hop in the car and drive down country roads headed north. And eventually, we arrive here. Round Top, Texas! If you like to go antiquing, you should definitely check out the Marburger Antique Festival. It's held twice a year (Spring / Fall) and vendors from all over the country come here to sell their wares.
And if you go in the Spring (March/April), you get to see fields upon fields of the bluebonnets. We went in March. I'm just now getting around to posting about it.You can find anything here... china, books, furniture, bed and table linens... I usually go thinking I need a nice butter dish and then I come back with a bunch of end tables.
Sometimes its just fun to look over the displays.And its also fun to bargain with the vendors. Especially on the last day. They are always willing to negotiate with you on the last day!Now last time we saw a bunch of framed sea fans. I just love sea fans and I really wanted some framed, but the prices were not very reasonable. So I just took down some mental notes on some neat ways to mat them and decided I'd do it myself. I also took a look online. Restoration Hardware just marked their framed sea fans down from $500 to $350. That seems real reasonable, huh?
Especially when you consider that your average sea fan costs about $5.99. $5.99! Last summer I bought three sea fans from my favorite shell store, Murdoch's in Galveston. Thankfully, they actually made it to Budapest in one piece. So I went to Ikea and bought three shadow box frames. They were about $20 each. Now I'm going to paint the fans and frames and mount them. This really shouldn't be too hard I'm guessing. I'll use any excuse to use spray paint. If they don't look too awful, I'll post the "after" pics here next week!

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