Thursday, July 14, 2011

Update from the McBookWorms

I came across this little nugget of truth whilst I was squandering time on Pinterest the other day. It served as a little affirmation that the more time we spend reading together, the better.
I'm proud to report that Claudia loves to read. She loves all her little books and knows them all by name. Some of the books have been memorized... This Jazz Man, every Llama Llama book, Dr. Suess' Lorax. She is very interested in dinosaurs right now, so William Joyce's Dinosaur Bob (my childhood copy) is also a favorite.
So Claudia, these are your favorites. Your go-to book: Richard Scarry's The Best Word Book Ever. Daddy and I cringe when you ask for it... because you ask for it about ten times a day. But we read it again, and again, and again, because it makes you happy. And that makes us happy.
I credit Daddy for your love of reading. The day he found out you were on the way he ordered a sweet little book called Oh Baby, the Places You'll Go. It's an adaptation from Dr. Suess' books, especially for babies in utero. Suess' wife commissioned it after he passed away. Suess was fascinated by a project where in utero babies were read The Cat in the Hat. Increased fetal activity was reported during the reading of the book. Interestingly, after birth, increased activity was reported when these same babies were read the book.
So Daddy chooses to read you lots of Suess. Hunches in Bunches of it.
Reading is a great family activity.
It's something you can do with your friends...
... assuming you can all agree on what to read.
A good book makes everyone happy.
And being happy is good.
Here's a little something extra. I attempted to take some pictures of Claudia at Margit Island. It is one of the most beautiful spots in Budapest. The gardens are amazing. I thought it'd make for some nice shots. But it was hot. And Claudia decided to cool herself off by dumping fistfuls of moist dirt on her head and face. This was a post-dirt pic.
Pre-dirt pic.
Also pre-dirt. The Black Eyed Susans were her favorites.
Post-dirt pic. Clever self-cooling method.
Little miss was actually trying to stick a rock in her mouth.
I love this place. It's a series of walkways, all bordered with rows of bright, beautiful flowers.
Claudia loves the flowers too. Just have to remind her to admire with her eyes, not her feet.
Hello, pretty Zinnia.
Hello, Black Eyed Susans.
And last... she sprinkled a little dirt on the flowers to cool them off as well.
Very thoughtful!


  1. Well if that is a child that was playing in the dirt then she is the most beautiful dirty child I've seen! Her hair too! How do you even comb it? Hopefully she'll love that curly hair when she's older. Just precious :)

  2. Love this post! Little CC is so beautiful and I love her pretty blue and white dress!!


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