Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

CC is thankful I let her wear this turkey hat!
Not really, I'm thankful she let me take a picture before tearing it off.
I am thankful to have celebrated Thankgsiving with my family.
We are all thankful the Marriott in Budapest recognizes Thanksgiving...
and delivers fully prepared turkey dinners... all wrapped up like Christmas.
I'm thankful to be in our house...
even if it looks like a tornado hit & is covered in boxes.
Claudia is thankful she got to play with Chelsea tonight!
I am thankful for God's many blessings...
...and also that I didn't wash my hair today.
Bop's sticky little hand slid ride out of my hair after this pic.

So we're not in America and Thanksgiving is not a recognized holiday in Hungary (just ask Russell's employer!), but we had a great day. I am thankful to finally have our household goods after eight long weeks of living out suitcases. I am thankful to have a nice cozy house to sleep in. I am thankful to have the internet to be able to blog (sorry for my absence - just got internet today) and to be able to skype. We skyped with lots of family back home & that felt great.

Tonight we went to the Stanteens and had a real turkey dinner! It was just what we needed - a night with fellow Texans who appreciate the need to eat turkey and be thankful. The Marriot here in Budapest delivers fully prepared Thanksgiving dinners. I am thankful for that too! I am missing being home right now and would give anything to be at my mom's dinner table in Houston right about now, but I am grateful to be in a beautiful city, with kind people and to be settling into a new home.

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  1. Although you are far away, I am glad y'all had a great Thanksgiving!! Claudia is absolutely beautiful!!!!


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